Do you want to be a contestant, investor or partner on The Final Pitch? This section outlines most FAQs. If you have further inquiries please get in touch with us through our contact details on the Contact US page.

Who is eligible to join The Final Pitch?

Any entrepreneur with an idea, product, service or company that needs funding or push that our investors can give is eligible to join The Final Pitch.

What kind of businesses are the investors looking for and how can I join?

Our investors are open to any business or product from any industry, from seed stage to later stage funding requirements. Businesses with a working prototype and sales track record is preferred. Interested parties must fill up the official application form on website  and submit the form to be considered for the Pre-Pitch Casting.

What is the minimum or maximum investment the investors are willing to make?

There is no minimum or maximum investment. Our investors may choose to invest their own money, or pool funds from other sources if they feel the business would benefit from the resources and expertise of other partners.


What process do i have to go through as a contestant on the show?

Stage 1: Submission of Entries

Applicants will be required to fill up and submit the official entry form to The Final Pitch. Submission of entries will be from Feb. 7, 2017 to March 17, 2017. The sooner an applicant sends an application, the greater the chances to be included in the live Pre-Pitch Casting.

Stage 2: Pre-Pitch Casting

All shortlisted applicants will be invited to a Pre-Pitch Casting on the 2nd week of March, 2017 and will be screened by a panel from The Final Pitch and representatives from the Investor teams. Finalist applicants will be invited to present their pitches for the Initial Pitch to the Investors.

Stage 3: Initial Pitch

Approx. 45 Finalist applicants will present their Initial Pitch to the Investors who will then choose which entrepreneurs to invite for the show. Each Investor will be given four (4) picks who will be their official contestants for The Final Pitch. An entrepreneur can be chosen by more than one Investor. In which case, they will be considered shared picks and will be required to be present in businesses challenges of Investors that pick them.

Stage 4: Mentorship, Business Challenges, and Final Eliminations

The entrepreneurs will be required to attend and participate in learning sessions with special guest mentors. These sessions will be designed to refine their respective business plans and pitches. This will also be the time when the Investor teams will do their due diligence on the companies of the entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs will also be required to visit the headquarters of their respective Investors, where business-related challenges will be given to them.

Stage 5: The Final Pitch

The culminating day where the entrepreneurs present their “Final Pitch,” and the Investors present their term sheets on offer.

Where will the final pitch be seen?

The Final Pitch will air beginning May, 2017 on History Channel.

When is the shooting schedule of the show and what are the shoot locations?

Shooting schedule is from March to April, 2017. Shoot locations will primarily be in Metro Manila, mostly Makati City. Applicants must make sure they are available for filming of the series between the dates of March 16 to April 25, 2017 (scheduled dates excluding weekends and Holy Week). Shoot dates and schedules will vary on a weekly basis. Total shoot days for the contestants will be approx. 8-10 days for the duration of the entire series.


can i be an investor on the show? What if i want to invest but don't want to be seen on the show?

The Final Pitch is a venue for investors to invest in various companies within or even outside the shortlisted businesses on the TV show. Get in touch with us through our Contact Us page if you want to be considered as an investor on Season One of The Final Pitch or on future seasons of show, or if you want to invest but don't want to appear on the show.

where will the final pitch be seen?

The Final Pitch will air beginning May, 2017 on History Channel. Time slots for the show to be announced at a future date.

When is the shooting schedule of the show?

Shooting schedule is from March to April, 2017.


how much time will it take to be a contestant on the show?

Time requirements will vary depending on the number of investors that take an interest in your enterprise. Total shoot days contestants need to be available for shoots will be between 7-10 days in total within March to April, 2017.

Is there a fee to join?

There is absolutely no fee to be paid to the show, organisers, staff, or consultants of the program to join The Final Pitch.

Is it guaranteed that my business will be featured on the show if i apply?

Applying for The Final Pitch and making it to the Pre-Pitch Casting is not a guarantee that your business will be shown or featured on The Final Pitch. We discourage entrepreneurs from joining just to gain media mileage for their companies without the intention to seek funding.


Will there be mentoring involved?

Shortlisted contestants on The Final Pitch will be given free mentoring sessions by our esteemed mentors composed of business experts and industry partners.

What are the business challenges?

There will be business challenges or tasks that contestants will be required to undergo as part of the TV series. These challenges and the success or failure in the performance of the challenges may or may not have bearing on the potential investment of the investors into their companies or their chances of making it to The Final Pitch.

Is there compensation or prize for making it to The Final Pitch?

The end goal of The Final Pitch is to secure funding for the business or enterprise of the entrepreneurs. There will be no additional prize or compensation for appearing or competing in the show. Participation in the series is not a guarantee that the businesses will be funded as the decision will be left solely to the discretion of the Investors.