About Us

John and Monica Aguilar

Executive and Co-Executive Producers of The Final Pitch

Our Vision

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the economy. Our vision is to provide a platform for the best and brightest entrepreneurs and startups to be supported and funded by established business leaders and investors through the reality TV show and online community “The Final Pitch.”


Our Story

It all started with an ambitious idea serial entrepreneur TV producer John Aguilar posed to his wife and business partner Monica. “What if we could link established business leaders and investors to entrepreneurs and startups with great potential but limited resources and connections?” The initial foray would be a TV show, but will eventually evolve into an ecosystem where the transfer of financial and intellectual capital, coupled with an inclusive community of supporters, can lead to exponential growth. 

Fast forward two years and three season later, The Final Pitch airing on CNN Philippines has now successfully established its mark as a show that has has truly made a difference-responsible for the funding of millions of dollars into its contestants, creating jobs, and helping inspire the future generation of startup entrepreneurs. In its own way, it is aiding in the reverse diaspora-inspiring more overseas-based Filipinos and even foreigners to come to the Philippines to capitalise on the opportunities now abundant with the rise of its economy. 

The successfully funded entrepreneurs include:


Season 1


Maria Health


Khit’s Homemade Products (KHP)



Season 2



Season 3



Society Eight


Servio (in process)

Yellow Dot Transport (in process)


The Final Pitch is produced by independent television production company Streetpark Productions Inc. and airs on CNN Philippines.

John Aguilar, Creator and Host

John Aguilar is the serial entrepreneur producer and host of The Final Pitch on CNN Philippines. He is the President and founder of StreetPark Productions Inc., an independent television production company and producer of Philippine Realty TV, the country’s first and only real estate and construction TV show now on its 17thseason.

John is the Chief Exponential Officer and founder of Dragon’s Nest, a Philippines-based venture builder that will be building the ASEAN region’s next exponential startups. 

In 2009, John made Philippine television history as he built his first house in real time on television via a reality series called “Project: First Home,” sharing with the viewers the step-by-step process of building a house from the ground up. He has since built numerous concept homes –from the ecologically sustainable Project: Green Home, to the flood adaptive and disaster resilient Project: Smart Homes. He authored his first book in 2014 entitled “Project: First Home-Everything You Need to Know to Build Your House From Scratch.”

John is a seasoned business and motivational speaker, and has given talks on his experiences as an entrepreneur, TV producer, homebuilder, and innovation thinker.

John holds an undergraduate degree in BS Psychology from Ateneo de Manila University, a Master in Entrepreneurship from the Ateneo de Manila Graduate School of Business, a real estate broker’s license from the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission, and is an alum of Singularity University in Silicon Valley. 


Make your pitch!

Early casting for The Final Pitch season 4 is ongoing. Submit your businesses for screening now!

Deadline of submission of applications is on July 8, 2019