Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

Prior to submitting your materials regarding your business idea, including, but not limited to product, service, concept, images, logos, designs, images, descriptions, notes, financial documents, and other information (hereinafter known as “Show Application”), to The Final Pitch television show and its creators, advisors, and investors featured (hereinafter known as “The Final Pitch”), you must read and expressly agree that:

1)  You represent that you are over 18 years of age.

2)  You are submitting your Show Application on a voluntary and unsolicited basis.  It does not obligate The Final Pitch in any way and does not create a contract between you and The Final Pitch.  The Final Pitch is under no obligation to review, consider, develop, sell or respond to your Show Application.  The Final Pitch has no obligation to provide you with any compensation or credit (verbal or written) for any Show Application.

3)  There is no fiduciary or confidential relationship between you and The Final Pitch.  Your Show Application is not being submitted in confidence or in trust.  The Final Pitch is under no obligation to keep your Show Application a secret.

4)  If The Final Pitch is interested in your Show Application, a separate written contract will be undertaken between you and The Final Pitch setting forth the terms of arrangement, and you will be required to sign off and execute such a mutually agreeable written contract before it is effective.

5)  Until there is a signed contract between you and The Final Pitch, The Final Pitch has no duty, obligation, responsibility, or liability to you.

6)  You hereby acknowledge that The Final Pitch may have knowledge, may have already seen, or may have already considered material similar to your Show Application.

7)  You represent and warrant that the Show Application is your creation, original or otherwise, that there are no adverse claims in or to the Show Application, and that the Show Application does not violate any copyright, patent, trademark, or other similar rights of any third party.

8)  You understand, acknowledge, and agree that upon your submitting your Show Application, the Show Application materials become the property of The Final Pitch, and The Final Pitch shall have no obligation to return or account to you for any Show Application.

You hereby release The Final Pitch from any liability under any legal theory in connection with your Show Application.

You represent and warrant that you have read, understand and shall follow these terms and conditions.  If you do not agree to be bound as such, do not submit a Show Application.