John Aguilar



John Aguilar is the serial entrepreneur producer and host of The Final Pitch on CNN Philippines. He is the President and founder of StreetPark Productions Inc., an independent television production company and producer of Philippine Realty TV, the country’s first and only real estate and construction TV show now on its 17th season.

John is the Chief Exponential Officer and founder of Dragon’s Nest, a Philippines-based venture builder that will be building the ASEAN region’s next exponential startups.

In 2009, John made Philippine television history as he built his first house in real time on television via a reality series called “Project: First Home,” sharing with the viewers the step-by-step process of building a house from the ground up. He has since built numerous concept homes –from the ecologically sustainable Project: Green Home, to the flood adaptive and disaster resilient Project: Smart Homes. He authored his first book in 2014 entitled “Project: First Home-Everything You Need to Know to Build Your House From Scratch.”

John is a seasoned business and motivational speaker, and has given talks on his experiences as an entrepreneur, TV producer, homebuilder, and innovation thinker.

John holds an undergraduate degree in BS Psychology from Ateneo de Manila University, a Master in Entrepreneurship from the Ateneo de Manila Graduate School of Business, a real estate broker’s license from the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission, and is an alum of Singularity University in Silicon Valley.