FAQ: How to become a contestant?


How to become a contestant?

Do you want to be a contestant on The Final Pitch?
This section outlines most FAQs.
If you have further inquiries please get in touch with us through our contact details on the Contact US page.

Pitches for donations and grants must come from reputable organizations that have a specific ask for beneficiary communities such as medical frontliners, farmers, indigent communities, and displaced workers. Pitches for investments on the other hand, should come from entrepreneurs, inventors and startups and provide solutions and technologies to the country’s transition to the new normal. Sample target sectors include retail, transport, and tourism. Likewise, ideas for employment of both locals and displaced OFWs, and business solutions for MSMEs are also welcome.
Interested proponents must fill up the official application form on TheFinalPitch.ph/application and submit the form to be considered for the Pre-Pitch Casting.
For now there is no minimum or maximum grantor investment. Our investors may choose to use their own money, or pool funds from other sources if they feel the project would benefit from the resources and expertise of other partners.

Stage 1: Submission of Entries
All interested applicants will be required to fill up and submit the official entry form to The Final Pitch. (link: TheFinalPitch.ph/application)

Stage 2: Pre-Pitch Casting
All shortlisted applications will be invited to a Pre-Pitch Casting video call and will be screened by a panel from The Final Pitch team. Finalists will be invited to attend the online mentorship sessions.

Stage 3: Mentorship Sessions
The applicants will be required to attend and participate in the online mentorship sessions with special guest mentors.

Stage 4: The Final Pitch
The culminating day when the entrepreneurs present their “Final Pitch,” and the Investors negotiate the terms of their offer.

Shooting schedule and locations vary per season. Qualified applicants will be given the shoot schedule ahead of time or will be advised prior to participation in the show. The Final Pitch Season 6 will be filmed within Q3 or 2020
Total shoot days contestants need to be available for shoots will be between 1-2 days in total approximately within a period of about a month.
There is absolutely no fee to be paid to the show, organisers, staff, or consultants of the program to join The Final Pitch.
Shortlisted contestants on The Final Pitch Season 6 will be given free online mentoring sessions by our esteemed mentors composed of business experts and industry partners.
The Final Pitch: Season 6 Heroes Edition is slightly different format as the previous seasons. Finalists will no longer have the luxury of an extended interaction with the investors as their only interaction would be during their final pitch
The end goal of The Final Pitch is to secure a grant for the the cause or funding for the business or enterprise of the contestants. There will be no additional prize or compensation for appearing or competing in the show. Participation in the series is not a guarantee that the businesses will be funded as the decision to invest will be left solely to the discretion of the investor judges.
Yes. If you miss a mentoring session, this signifies that you are no longer interested to pursue your application and therefore we will not schedule you to pitch to the investor judges.
Yes. However, the due diligence process will happen before we invite you to the online Pre-Pitch session. We suggest that you submit to us as much information and documentation together with your application.
This is a general list, we suggest that you provide our team with as much as information as possible. This allows us to process and review your applications faster. We do understand that some items may not be applicable, and this is okay. The key is to be thorough with the information you are providing us.

For startups and entrepreneurs:
  • Incorporation Papers
  • Organizational Chart
  • Financial Statements since the beginning of the business
  • Intellectual Property documents (patents, copyrights, domain names, etc)
  • Assets (inventory stocks, real estate, equipment, technology, etc.)
  • List of 10 largest customers in terms of sales
  • List of employees (names, salaries, tenure, bonuses, benefits, etc)
  • Existing loans
  • Existing litigations against the company
  • Template of customer contract
  • List of shareholders of the company and shares held by each
  • Detailed Business Plan or Business Model Canvas

For non-profit projects:
  • Names of proponents
  • Names of advisers
  • List of 5 largest donors
  • List of beneficiary/beneficiaries
  • Reason for choosing the beneficiary/beneficiaries
  • Price comparisons
  • List of potential/current suppliers