Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Pre-Pitch

On this full pilot episode of The Final Pitch, get a glimpse of the pre-pitching event that transpired and meet the
investors who joined this season.

Season 1, Episode 2: Initial Pitch, Day 1

In this episode of #TheFinalPitch, we feature the first batch of entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas
to the investors. From an online service that delivers your groceries right to your doorstep to a mobile app that provides companion services.
Watch the investors’ reactions to these innovative ideas and comment below the pitch that got your attention!

Season 1, Episode 3: Initial Pitch, Day 2

The investors gear up for another round of pitches. Will they be impressed by the idea of glamorous camping
or by a car-sized inflatable that is said to save lives during a calamity? Watch here and tell us what you think!


Season 1, Episode 4: Eliminations

Witness the investors enjoy a game of beer pong against each other and watch out for several intriguing
business ideas from our entrepreneurs.

Season 1, Episode 5: Mentorship

The roster of entrepreneurs that will be joining us this season is now complete. As a welcoming treat,
they’re invited to the Start-Up Village in Makati to have their very first mentoring session with today’s top
gurus in the business industry. Plus don’t miss out on the gadgets provided by our official business partner
Canon Philippines and a few nuggets of wisdom imparted by Mr. Lim Kok-Hin.

Season 1, Episode 6: Business Challenge

Our final lineup of entrepreneurs for this season is ready to prove themselves to the investors.
The entrepreneurs team up and head to Bulacan province. Their challenge: use the mobile app KROPS
to link sellers and buyers of agri products.
Entrepreneurs featured: Alfon of Pangga, Khit of Khit’s Homemade Products, Jet of Infusions,
and Josh of

Season 1, Episode 7: Henry Lim Challenge

Investor-Judge, Henry Lim Bon-Liong, CEO of the Sterling Paper Group of Companies.
Find out his life story in becoming a paper mogul. And catch his exciting (not to mention exhausting!)
challenge to his chosen entrepreneurs to know how bad they really want his investment.
Entrepreneurs featured: Vincent of Maria Health, Eunice of Gleep, and Jet of Infusions.

Season 1, Episode 8: Mica Tan Challenge

Get to know Mica Tan and what motivated her to become the CEO of the MFT Group of Companies at the age of 25.
And watch how she shake things up by challenging her chosen entrepreneurs to a very unusual competition.

Entrepreneurs featured: Paul of Flood Guard, Mario of Flyspaces, Vincent of Maria Health, and Eunice of Gleep.


Season 1, Episode 9: Joe Magsaysay Challenge

You’re in for an egg-citing episode as we find out more about venture capitalist Joe “Joemag” Magsaysay and his unorthodox way of challenging
his chosen investors to a battle of hits and misses.

Entrepreneurs featured: Mark of Big Guys Pizza, Mitch of Fight Shape, Vincent of Maria Health, and
Khit of Khit’s Homemade Products.


Season 1, Episode 10: Mentoring Session 2

We’re so close to the finale but we’ll take a break from all the challenges and get a chance to sit down with the entrepreneurs for their
second batch of mentoring session.
Watch how Senator Bam Aquino teaches a better way of pitching business ideas to possible investors and how
Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue shares his expertise on branding your business.


Season 1, Episode 11: Recap Episode

One whole episode to recap the first season of #TheFinalPitch! Before we get to the nitty-gritty that
is the finale, here’s a funny, fast-paced take on what happened starting from the pre-pitching,
to the mentorship sessions, all the way to the investors’ challenges.


Season 1, Episode 12: Season Final part 1

#TheFinalPitch of the entrepreneurs is a 2-part episode!
Find out who won during the business challenges; watch the nerve-wracking final pitches of Maria Health,
Pangga, Flyspaces, and Infusions; and watch how the negotiations went down with their respective investors.


Season 1, Episode 13: Season Final part 2

Find out how negotiations fared with Fight Shape, Flood Guard, Khit’s Homemade Products, PUSHKART.PH, Gleep, and Big Guys Pizza after their final pitches to their respective investors. Plus, a sneak peek on what happened to the entrepreneurs after joining the show.

Make your pitch!

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