The world as we know it has forever changed. But one thing is certain. At no other time in history has the human race faced a singular enemy.  Now more than ever, those who are in a position to create solutions that will help address the spread of Covid-19 and its social and economic ramifications must do so.  We would like to provide part of the solution to the many predicaments our country is and will be facing, and invite you to take part in our efforts.

The Final Pitchon CNN Philippinesis the country’s first business reality TV show, designed to give a platform for investors to find and invest in the best up-and-coming businesses and entrepreneurs. Since its inception in 2017, we have produced five seasons that have successfully funded and supported numerous entrepreneurs and rising startups.

For our upcoming 6th season, The Final Pitch: Heroes Edition will be focused on giving opportunities to organizations and groups to be able to fund efforts dedicated to our various front liners and different communities in need, as well as entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators who can present solutions that can create exponential impact in addressing the challenges related to bouncing back from this epidemic.


Who are we looking for?

Pitches for donations and grants must come from reputable organizations that have a specific ask for beneficiary communities such as medical frontliners, farmers, indigent communities, and displaced workers. Pitches for investments on the other hand, should come from entrepreneurs, inventors and startups and provide solutions and technologies to the country’s transition to the new normal. Sample target sectors include retail, transport, and tourism. Likewise, ideas for employment of both locals and displaced OFWs, and business solutions for MSMEs are also welcome.


Callout for investors and conglomerates

For the first time since the show’s inception, we are also calling for interested investors and conglomerate partners to play a crucial role in the selection process, refinement of proposals, and financial backing of qualified solutions and causes throughout the show.

We are inviting investors and conglomerate partners who will help select and fund these causes and solutions that will be pitched on the show. These causes and solutions must not only give tangible and immediate benefits, but must also aid in our desire to move our country and economy forward after the pandemic.

To ensure safety of the entire cast and crew, the live pitching will observe safety protocols and social distancing, utilizing technology to limit direct interaction. The pitches will be shown live online but will also be recorded and edited for airing on CNN Philippines. Show viewers can also donate to or back their chosen initiatives.

The Final Pitch: Heroes Edition will be targeted to be filmed by 3rdquarter 2020, broadcast live online, and edited as a 13-episode, 30-minute reality show on CNN Philippines. Invited organizations who will be viewing the taping online will also be able to make their own donations. To ensure safety of the entire cast and crew, the live pitching will be observing safety protocols and social distancing, utilizing technology to limit direct interaction.

In the end, the core of the show is to make a difference through entrepreneurship. We think this season is a chance for us to prove that further, and to show how businesses and innovative entrepreneurs can provide solutions and opportunities during and after a crisis. If there are new entrepreneurs, organizations, and investors out there who believe you can help move our country forward, we would be honored to have you on the show, and work with us in our collective nation rebuilding efforts.

The Final Pitch is now accepting applications. Online entries and one-minute pitch videos can be submitted via Interested investors and corporate partners may also reach us through [email protected] or 0917-8136674. For more information, visit and follow our social media accounts at @TheFinalPitchPH on Facebook, @thefinalpitchph on Instagram, and @thefinalpitch on YouTube.


John Aguilar is the serial entrepreneur creator and host of The Final Pitch on CNN Philippines. The Final Pitch season 5: Real Estate and Livable Cities Edition currently airs every Sunday at 8:30 pm, with replays Mondays 9:30 pm and Saturdays 5:30 pm. Email John at [email protected]